About Us

Cabin Denmark was established in 1990 by Paul Münster.

He bought the rights to produce and sell the Frigast Cabin Lamp - designed by Povl Frigast in 1977 which still is an unbeatable champion among yacht lamps.

In the meantime the lamp program has developed to a large range of all kind of lights needed at sea.
Not only the reading lights but all the light from curtesy to mast lights.

Our lights are designed for yachts but are also used in cruising vessels, hotels, libraries, restaurants, private homes and everywhere light is needed.
It is made in Denmark and offers the best possible lighting solutions while using only the finest raw materials. The production is made by Münster Cabin ApS and a number of specialized Danish sub suppliers and sold to all over the world.

The company is placed in Sønderborg on the island Als in the South of Denmark. The number of employees has grown from 1 to 6 very dedicated employees. Who have a great honor in making the best quality to ensure the owner of all the Cabin lamps the best light in class.

Light is our passion!