Collection: Downlights

Cabin Denmark downlights and ceilling lights for yachts, boats, vessels and ships

Our marine grade lights are especially designed and proofed for a long life at sea. 

They are designed for absorbing a wet, salty, rocking and vibrating environment.

Downlights are responsible to have enough light for each duty either in the pantry or in the bathroom or in the maincabin and salon for eating etc.

Recess mounted downlights 

We developed our 5581 and 5583 recess series especially for small boats as overheads on a boat are typically low and have minimal depth behind the headlining.

Our marine grade downlights are specifically design for this. 

Surface mounted downlight or ceiling lights

are for wooden boats and we offer our Anne and Mia lights for this purpose.

They are used by very famous traditional ship yards for newbuilds and refits. Surface mount lights tend to be bulky so one consideration is head clearance in the areas you use them.